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Keeping In touch with MIS

The popularity of e-mail and mobile devices has continued to increase over the past few years mainly due to their potential as a great way to communicate and collaborate with customers, coworkers, and other partners. As organizations continue to rely on e-mail more and more, it is becoming clearer that e-mail, calendaring, contact information, and other collaborative functions should be easily and securely accessible from a wide range of mobile devices. Exchange has become mission critical in most organizations and now you can extend the benefits associated with Exchange to your mobile work force so that they can continue to access critical communications and information wherever they are.

To assist companies in providing secure, mobile access to Exchange, Microsoft has developed Mobile Information Server 2002 (MIS). MIS enables secure access to Exchange and Intranet sites from wireless mobile devices such as Pocket PC’s and browser-based phones.

Here are some of the most important features of Mobile Information Server:

  • Mobile Access to Exchange Server – MIS allows you to keep up to date on your corporate e-mail, calendar, and contacts and is optimized for wireless networks, which can be slow and latent. MIS enables either real time access from a web-enabled cell phone or mobile device, or wireless synchronization with Pocket PC 2002. MIS uses a familiar Outlook interface, allowing users to start using the product with little or no training.
  • Secure Access – MIS is designed to address security issues that are inherent in wireless networks. Using standards such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Wireless Transport Layer (WTLS), and secure mobile credentials, your company can be assured that only authenticated mobile users are accessing your IT infrastructure.
  • Unified Management – Deploying mobility requires additional management of mobile access information for each user. MIS includes tools that integrate with Windows Active Directory (AD) and the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), and tools for provisioning a large number of mobile users. These tools help to save time and improves productivity, and since it is based on familiar tools such as the AD and MMC, your IT team can start using them right away.
  • Scalable Architecture – MIS 2002 is designed to expand as your mobile population increases. Each MIS 2002 Server is capable of handling thousands of mobile users, saving server hardware costs and associated management and administration costs. Increasing mobile capacity is done by simply adding servers to existing infrastructure- MIS takes advantage of Windows 2000 network load balancing to help optimize mobile traffic.

For MIS 2002 users, mobile access to Exchange is only the beginning. Developers can use MIS to extend the existing investment in a corporate Intranet or develop new wireless applications and content based on MIS 2002 architecture, extending the usefulness of mobile devices. MIS also offers the flexibility to support new generations of devices.

Convergent Solutions Group has been a leader in working with and developing solutions for our clients based on MIS technology. We would be pleased to demonstrate the power of Mobile Information Server 2002 and discuss with you how your organization could benefit.