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Novell Netware 6

Novell Users: Netware 6 – Why You Should Upgrade!

If and when to upgrade major components of your network is always a tough decision. Major upgrades require proper planning and execution which means time and, of course, money. The decision becomes even more difficult when everything is working well and upgrading may upset that equilibrium. Therefore there has to be good reasons and incentives to perform that upgrade. We at CSG think that there are lots of good reasons for Novell users to upgrade to the new Netware 6 OS.

For those not familiar with Novell’s Netware product, Netware is the Net services software solution that offers secure non-stop access to core network resources. With Netware 6 you can access files, printers, directories, e-mail, and databases across all types of networks, storage platforms, and client desktops. Netware leverages the powerful Novell eDirectory, giving you a way to easily manage your network from virtually any Web-enabled, wireless device or traditional desktop computer. Netware 6 also supports open Internet standards and includes innovative, browser-based Net services.

With Netware 6, Novell has taken a rock solid, proven OS and has added these new features:

Novell Native File Access Protocol Eliminates Client Software

Novell Native File Access Protocols let Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX workstations access and store files on NetWare servers without having to install any additional software—such as Novell Client software. The software is installed only on the NetWare server and provides “out of the box” network access. Just plug in the network cable, start the computer, and you’ve got access to servers on your network. No more client configuration. No more client software. Minimizes problems.

Increase Availability with Novell Cluster Services

NetWare 6 includes Novell Cluster Services, which ensures high availability and manageability of critical network resources including data (volumes), applications, server licenses, and services. It is a multinode clustering product for NetWare that is enabled for Novell eDirectory and supports failover, failback, and migration (load balancing) of individually managed cluster resources.

Novell Cluster Services allows you to configure up to 32 NetWare servers into a high-availability cluster, where resources can be dynamically switched or moved to any server in the cluster. Resources can be configured to automatically switch or be moved in the event of a server failure, or they can be moved manually to troubleshoot hardware or balance the workload. Novell Cluster Services works extremely well with XIOTech Magnitude SAN systems and Compaq’s SAN systems.

Manage Disk Storage Devices with Novell Storage Services

Novell Storage Services (NSS) version 3.0 is a file storage and management system that meets the needs of your growing file system requirements. NSS can now be used on all volumes. While the traditional NetWare file system is still supported you can convert them to NSS volumes. NSS devices can create unlimited volumes which can store up to 8 trillion files (each up to 8 terabytes in size). You can quickly mount as many as 255 volumes. NSS lets you mount, configure, and maintain volumes without disrupting the work of end users.

Multiple Processor Support – SMP

NetWare 6 finally has harnessed the power of having multiple processors in your NetWare server. No longer is that extra CPU sitting idle while the other slaves away. With NetWare 6 you can take advantage of “multiprocessor-aware” applications.

New Licensing

No longer will you have to have user licenses assigned to each server that your employees or customers need to access. In NetWare 6 you purchase licenses for the total number of objects that log in to the network. When you log in to your network you obtain a license unit. That license unit is reserved for you. If you don’t access the network in 90 days, it is returned to the license pool.

Manage Your Network with NetWare Remote Manager

NetWare Remote Manager lets you use a Web browser to securely access NetWare servers from any workstation and perform specific server management tasks. From Remote Manager, you can monitor the health of your servers, their processes, and CPU usage.

You can also perform common server management tasks more quickly such as mounting and dismounting volumes, managing server connections, configuring SET parameters, viewing the configuration of the server, accessing files on volumes and DOS partitions, and even shutting down, restarting, and resetting your server. Through the Console Screens applet, you can view and run all the console screens just as though you were using the keyboard at the server console.

Manage eDirectory Objects from an Internet Browser with Novell iManager

Novell iManager runs in an Internet browser and is used for administering, managing, and configuring Novell eDirectory objects. Novell iManager lets you assign specific tasks or responsibilities to users and presents users with only the tools (and accompanying rights) necessary to perform those tasks. In NetWare 6, you can use Novell iManager to administer iPrint, DNS/DHCP, and Novell Licensing Services.

In addition, Novell supports multiple languages. These languages include: English/US, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and simplified and traditional Chinese.

System requirements for Netware 6 include a 700MHz Pentium III processor (4 way 1-1.5GHz Pentium IV recommended), 512MB RAM and 4GB of disk space outside the DOS partition.

CSG can help you with the review, planning and installation of your Netware 6 upgrade. Give us a call for more information.