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Alliance with AT&T

Convergent Solutions Group Forms Alliance With AT&T!

Convergent Solutions Group is proud to announce that we have recently been named as a member of the AT&T Alliance Team. AT&T is a world leader in voice/data transmission services and their wide variety of offerings assist us in maximizing the Wide Area Networks (WANs) of our client base.

AT&T has invested over $100 billion in their worldwide network over the past several years and through this AT&T backbone we are able to provide services in the following categories:

  • AT&T Business IP (Internet Protocol Services)
  • AT&T Web Site Services
  • AT&T High Speed Packet Services
  • AT&T Private Line Services
  • AT&T Local Data and Frame Relay Services
  • AT&T Electronic Messaging Services

Within each of these “families” of services, there is a myriad of options and choices that should meet almost every need.

We are especially pleased with this partnership because of the close working relationship between AT&T representatives and our staff. It is a good marriage of our focus with that of AT&T. John Dusek, President of Convergent Solutions Group states that, “the beauty of this alliance is that our expertise is the network infrastructure inside the building walls. AT&T is the expert outside the building walls in connecting remote locations together, thus allowing CSG to bring a complete, more effective WAN solution to our clients. Our partnership with Cisco, major vendor to AT&T, enhances these offerings.”

Remember when a 14.4 modem seemed fast enough for your organization’s needs? It wasn’t too long ago. The continuing proliferation of the Internet means the reliance that your business will continue to have on fast, reliable access to the Internet will only grow. CSG and AT&T can assist you in keeping up with this demand for bandwidth plus maximizing the security and integrity of your data.