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Wide Area Networks (WAN) Solutions

It is essential for today’s business organizations to be able to access and transfer data securely, quickly, and reliably between remote locations within their organization and with other business partners. Wide Area Networks (WANs) provide those essential links.

Convergent Solutions Group, along with our partners Cisco and AT&T, can provide your organization with the following services:

  • Analysis of Current WAN Infrastructure Including …
    • Data Traffic and Patterns
    • Link Efficiency
    • Link Cost
    • Access Security
    • Access Hardware
    • Routers and Bridges
    • Long Distance Inter-Office Toll Cost
  • Design Proposal Including …
    • New WAN Technologies (ie VPN)
    • New Access Services (ie DSL,T1, etc.)
    • Firewall and VPN Hardware and Software
    • Management Software
    • ISP Contract Renewal or Migration Assistance
    • Circuit and Hardware Fault Tolerance
    • Voice Over IP/Frame
  • Installation Services Including …
    • WAN Hardware and Router Configuration and Deployment
    • Test and Turn Up with ISPs
    • Site Documentation
    • Firewall and VPN Deployment and Testing
    • Management Software Configuration and Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance Services Including …
    • Vendor Service Contracts Management
    • Off Site WAN Config Store
    • Off Site OS/Image Store
    • Remote Troubleshooting