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Remote Access, the ability to log on to a network from a remote location, is increasingly an integral part of the computing strategies of today’s forward-looking organizations. The ability to access essential information while away from an organization’s campus allows the mobile worker and/or remote offices to keep in touch with co-workers and clients, access essential applications, be better informed, minimize down time, and therefore be more productive. Preparation for business continuity in the face of natural, manmade, or technological disasters is another reason to have a remote access strategy in place. Remote access can also simplify application deployment and updates over a large network thus streamlining IT functions.

The choice of which remote access scheme to utilize may be complex and will be driven by many factors, including network compatibility issues, speed requirements, security concerns, and, of course, budget. Convergent Solutions Group can assist in the planning and implementation of your remote access needs. We find that the most prevalent solutions in today’s medium to medium large-sized computing environments are Citrix Metaframe Solutions, Microsoft Terminal Services, and VPN Solutions.

Citrix Metaframe Solutions

Over the past decade, Citrix has become a Remote Access industry standard and is known for their robust feature set, load-balancing capabilities, flexibility, and reliability. Convergent Solutions Group is a channel partner with Citrix. This means that we have been trained, approved, and authorized by Citrix to work with their products. CSG has certified Citrix consultants on staff who are qualified to plan and implement Citrix solutions whether they be Internet/Intranet based or connected in other ways. For more specific information on the Citrix family of products contact us or visit their website at

Windows 2000 Terminal Services

Terminal Services is a Microsoft technology that lets users remotely execute applications on a Windows 2000 operating system-based server from a wide range of devices over virtually any network connection. It can be enabled to allow either administrators to perform graphical remote administration of a Windows 2000-based server or multiple users to simultaneously log on to a Windows 2000-based server and run client applications. Application deployment costs can be reduced because the applications are centrally installed and managed. This is especially useful for applications that are difficult to install, are frequently updated, or need to be accessed over low-bandwidth network connections. Citrix Metaframe can be installed with Terminal Services to enhance Remote Access capabilities. As Microsoft Solutions Providers we can help you evaluate whether this technology will work within your organization.


VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a network that is constructed by using public wires to connect nodes. These systems may or may not utilize the Internet as a transfer medium. VPN systems use encryption and/or security devices like routers and firewalls to ensure that data can only be read by those with approved access. Convergent Solutions group is able to plan and implement VPNs (whether they be temporary or permanent) to ensure that key VPN capabilities like speed, security, cost reduction, flexibility, and ease of management are maximized. We are authorized by industry leaders like Cisco and AT&T to provide their solutions.