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Company Overview

Today’s business and professional organizations face many complex choices regarding the use of technology to enhance and improve organizational efficiency and productivity. Technology designed and installed correctly could make the difference between an organization that is growing and prospering and one that is not. A wrong or delayed decision and/or implementation could reduce the organization’s ability to successfully compete in its marketplace and could lead to disaster.

Technology Partnering

With so many choices to review and the convergence of what once seemed separate technologies, plus the rapid pace at which options change, the key for many organizations is finding an effective technology partner who can guide them through the processes necessary to make informed decisions and to provide the necessary services to ensure successful and timely implementation. This partnering allows the organization to focus on its core business while the technology partner focuses on its areas of expertise and experience.

Who We Are

Convergent Solutions Group is a professional services company that provides information technology (IT) services to enhance business communication, processes, and productivity. CSG specializes in consultative, development, and implementation services with a focus on collaborative and web-based data access solutions. The services that we provide revolve around the computer networks of small to medium-large organizations.

Skills and Experience

Convergent Solutions Group has assembled a group of technology consultants and associates whose skills, training, and experience cover a wide range of technologies that include LAN and WAN design and services, Internet and E-Commerce solutions, and programming solutions designed to bridge the gap between enterprise-wide applications and the desktop. Specific skills are outlined in the Areas of Practice section of this website. We work in a team-oriented, collaborative internal environment organized to offer our clients a broad range of quality advice and services. Our associates regularly attend training and update sessions offered by industry leaders like Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco so that the solutions we offer will be not only the “best in class” now, but will also be adaptable to advances in emerging technologies.

Innovative Yet Practical

CSG does not subscribe to a “cookie cutter” approach to technology solutions. We approach the needs of every client with a creative, yet practical analytical thought process that brings about a customized application for that organization’s individual needs and goals. Our experience in the IT marketplace has shown us that we need to be flexible in meeting your needs. Whether those needs be special skills, scheduling around your workday, long or short term projects, special billing, or any other requirements, we will find a way to get the job done. We are large enough to provide all the services and skills required, but small enough to be flexible and stay focused on our clients.

We Can Help You Be Successful

Maintaining the edge that technology can provide is not a simple or inexpensive task for today’s fast-paced business or professional organization. It’s important that organizations concentrate on their “core competencies” for survival and growth. Your choice of a technology partner like Convergent Solutions Group to guide your organization through the “technology maze” is an important one. Let us show you how CSG can help simplify your technology choices. We believe that our future successes lie in providing quality consulting and services that will in turn help lead toward your success.